Production of Warriors Favourite Superfood Since Roman Time
Our production line

Every start has its challenges, especially starting small with a big aim. Our journey began with FNQ Food Incubator. We experimented with our products in their commercial kitchen spaces and state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities, and we got their help and support services. After careful study and few trials, we decided to manufacture in their certified facility to meet the highest quality and hygiene standards.

Maintaining high-quality standards is essential for our business, from assuring our product manufacturing takes place in a state of the art facility like the FNQ Food Incubator to maintaining our reputation with our clients and government authorities. Quality product is every client's right and our primary responsibility. Quality is ingrained in everything we do, from sourcing our ingredients to the production line through continuous improvement of our products.

After living in Japan for several years and studying there for a master's degree in engineering and trying to be adept at the KAIZEN philosophy (改善), we tried to bring out as much as possible our knowledge to give value to our business and our products.

The Bsisa production process goes through four key steps:

1. The first step is sorting

It is a laborious step. We take the grains and seeds little by little, put them on a sieve and clean them from branches or discoloured grains or other matters that may remain there.

2. The second step is cleaning

We make sure to clean all our ingredients of the Bsisa one by one.

3. The third step is dry roasting

This step is significant for the best quality result; we try to get the best flavour and aroma with the right timing and heat variation. In addition, dry roasting makes for a more natural pairing between nutrients proportions and flavours and helps the grains retain a lot of freshness and brightness.

4. The fourth and final step is grinding

We use our professional stone grain mills, and we try to ensure the correct grinding of our Bsisa to get the best quality.

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