Ancient Mediterranean Superfoods since Roman Times
Who We Are

BSISA is an Australian company offering the highest quality, most delicious, unique, carefully handcrafted Superfoods products inspired by ancient unfamiliar Mediterranean recipes using premium Organic Australian ingredients.

Our Core Values

We Act With Integrity, and we are always helpful, friendly, caring and dependable


We value diversity, and we respect all people, communities, cultures, animals, plants and the planet


We are committed to providing convenience and value to our customers


We try to do things differently to make them better


We are driven by innovation and committed to continuously improving our products, and excellence is always intentional


We Love what we do, and we do it with Passion

Our Story

Hello My name is Zeineb - the founder of BSISA.

I`m a Law student at the University of Queensland with an Urban, Civil, and Environmental engineering background; I have always had an undeniable passion for the environment and the well-being of others.

Originally from Tunisia, raised on the Mediterranean diet and motivated by the blossoming environmental movement advocating the return to a traditional plant-based diet, Superfoods, whole grains, plant protein, and clean food, and passionate about unique and healthy ancient traditional recipes still unknown in many parts of the world, I decided to launch an Australian health food business specialised in unfamiliar healthy ancient recipes, offering plant-based products with distinctive recipes, bringing together forgotten Mediterranean traditional recipes and Australian organic premium ingredients. Made with care, a mix of passion and great ingredients goes into our Products.

Our flagship product is Bsisa, a piece of art of nourishment, a therapy, an entire historic culinary heritage dating back to Roman times.

Based on quality organic ingredients and primarily Aussie origin, carefully handled to retain all of their goodness, Bsisa is made from a dry roasted and stone-ground blend of whole grains, legumes, potent spices, aromatic herbs and super seeds. The dry-roasting process by which Bsisa is made seals in all the nutrients, and the stone grinding preserves the quality and nutrition of the whole grains legumes, spices and aromatic herbs.

Usually eaten as a breakfast, snack, or even as a meal replacement when you're in a hurry. It can be prepared in various ways: as a smoothie drink, as a breakfast cream, a spread, or in the form of energy balls, as a flour healthy substitute or used in savoury dishes.

If you love exploring authentic food and discovering new flavours, you have come to the right place.

We can't wait to see you!

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